How much did you spend on Ammo?

9mm Luger

Watching one of my favorite vid channels on the net, I was struck with an amount of 9mm that was thrown down range. This particular tactical shooter reported burning 17,000 rounds of 9mm through his Glock last year. 17,000 ROUNDS!… Wait a minute, let me translate that into Canadian currency. Off the shelf here i Canada, 50 rounds would cost you an average of $25.00 CAD. So an easy .50 per round. If this shooter was up here in Canada throwing that much lead, he would have a burn rate of $8,000.00 CAD just in 9mm. What the Foxtrot?

Lets be realistic, being sponsored by an ammunition manufacturer does have its benefits, but the likely hood for anyone we know to have this type of benefit is akin to winning the lottery! We are just “Joe Public” with a tactical hobby. We would relish the opportunity to shoot this much, but we enjoy having the 8 grand more!