9mm Luger

Watching one of my favorite vid channels on the net, I was struck with an amount of 9mm that was thrown down range. This particular tactical shooter reported burning 17,000 rounds of 9mm through his Glock last year. 17,000 ROUNDS!… Wait a minute, let me translate that into Canadian currency. Off the shelf here i Canada, 50 rounds would cost you an average of $25.00 CAD. So an easy .50 per round. If this shooter was up here in Canada throwing that much lead, he would have a burn rate of $8,000.00 CAD just in 9mm. What the Foxtrot?

Lets be realistic, being sponsored by an ammunition manufacturer does have its benefits, but the likely hood for anyone we know to have this type of benefit is akin to winning the lottery! We are just “Joe Public” with a tactical hobby. We would relish the opportunity to shoot this much, but we enjoy having the 8 grand more!


Brass Hobo Bounty

OK, lets say you did decide to shoot this much last year. Would reloading bring down the cost to an acceptable level. Lets break this down. Small pistol primers, if purchased in boxes of 1000, will cost you approximately .05 cents per primer. For the bullets, lets use CamPro (one of my favorite bullet manufacturers out there, and they are Canadian!… Ill get into this in another blog.) For a box of 1000 bullets of 124gr CMJHP, the cost is around $115.00 CAD after taxes. That’s about .11 and 1/2 cents per bullet. OK now the powder, Tightgroup. We can discuss the why’s at a later time, but for now lets keep it simple. Tightgroup is around $35.00 per pound. There is 7000gr per pound. Using just the basic Lee book, we are looking at say 4gn per round. We can discuss velocity and pressure at a later time, but to calculate general cost we will stick with 4gn. So simply put, its .02 cents of powder per round. Now to keep this cost down even more, you are now deputized as a “Brass Hobo”. Get out here and gather up all the spent lovely brass at your local range.

Now you have all the components and the breakdown of the cost for assembling a 9mm round. Total cost for you is 18.5 cents per round here in Canada. That is still over 3 grand per year. This of course is ignoring the cost in time and money for all the tools you need just to assemble this stuff!


What about supplementing your 9mm training with a 22lr pistol. Sure, why not. Lets spend around 4-5 hundred CAD to get some sort of 22lr pistol that is similar to the one use use on the range. For arguments sake let say your a 1911 fan, and why not, its a great platform. Chiappa firearms has a 22lr style 1911. Only in style not in function. Not even close!

Pronounced Key-App-ah

Most 22lr’s are finicky when it comes to the type of ammunition. From what we have heard about this particular firearm, it tends to prefer CCI ammo. Depending on the sale price, the average cost per round will be between 11-8 cents per round. At 17,000 rounds that is still 1,700.00CAD per year. Still a big withdraw. Ignoring the extra cost for the pistol itself. The headache you will more than likely get from owning this pistol, and the frustration of dealing with warranty when, not if, but when you have to send it in to be fixed. In our opinion it was more dependable if you just threw it down range than trying to fire rounds through it. But that is for another product review.


Carbon Dioxide Fun!

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.”

There are many alternatives to range fees, ammunition cost, locks, paperwork, travel, expensive firearms, etc. This ranges from a Canadian nickle to over a 100 grand for a LEO/Military simulation training trailer. It all depends on what you are willing to spend, and what you actually want to do? As you will see on this site. we have a strong focus on cost effective training, both on and off the range. We have everything from product reviews to DIY stuff you can do at your own home. Spend a few minutes with us. who knows, you may find something you like, or maybe you can share something you know with the rest of us. Always open to good ideas!

Welcome to the World of Dry Fire. to be continued…