The Smokeless Range® is a family of budget friendly simulators for the shooter, firearms instructor and small to medium police departments.
The Smokeless Range® includes an HD camera and software.
The Smokeless Range® works with your TV or Projector, and uses either IR or Red SureStrike lasers, along with your own firearms. You can even use it with Airsoft for simulated recoil training.
The Smokeless Range® makes training enjoyable, offering 10 different scenarios to enhance fundamental shooting skills like accuracy, speed, transition and tracking.
Add-on software for The Smokeless Range® includes:
Open Range – Build and share your own senarios.
M-Range – Build your own course with up to 4 different lanes.
Game Range Alpha – 5 recreational games to improve your shooting skills.
Video Scenario Trainer – Build and share your video library: The video trainer will pause when the first shot is detected and display the shot location for your review. Great for real-life stress simulation.
Video Scenario Trainer Pro – Practice use of force and situational awareness in video based scenarios with multiple outcome possibilities. HD videos can branch to produce multiple outcomes depending a trainee’s response or an instructor’s input. The Pro includes a replay mode which that will pause when each shot is detected. The shot location is displayed instantly for review.



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