I-MITTS Laser Targets



Interactive Multi Target Training System
The Interactive Multi Target Training System™ (I-MTTS) is a completely mobile, wireless, interactive
targeting system that allows the shooter to simulate various training drills using numerous targets that
communicate with one another.
Practice IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, NRA Action, reactive steel plates, home defense and tactical shooting with
the most advanced electronic reactive targets on the market.
With four sets of different interchangeable target cards and six operational modes, the options are
endless! Practice some of your favorite competition stages, integrate them with your existing dry-firing
training, or make your own reactive shooting course. Position them around the room or home or office
to practice defensive and tactical shooting.
Perfect to use with our SureStrikeTM Laser Training Cartridge or one of our realistic recoil operated
firearms. Each I-MTTS™ includes a set of target cards, wireless base and batteries.
Each wireless base includes six different operational modes; Stand Alone, Steel Plate Shooting,
Chase The Ball, Shoot / No-Shoot, Double Speed Shoot / No-Shoot, And Double-Tap.


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